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Rosary Bracelets

Men and women are drawn to a rosary bracelet as it serves a spiritual and functional purpose! A rosary bracelet is a unique way to help pray the rosary as it has everything you need to count and remember your prayer sequence. A traditional rosary bracelet, regardless whether it is made of wood, or crystals or pearls will always be comprised of 10 Hail Mary prayer beads, 1 Our Father bead, and a dangling crucifix and or Miraculous Medal. A rosary bracelet is an ideal devotional gift for a child to wear on their Baptism day. It is a perfect gift for First Communion and even for Confirmation.

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Blue Beaded Rosary Necklace and Bracelet Set [BR0062]
Rosary Bracelet with Chalice Pendant [BC0186]
5.00 (1)
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Pink Pearls [MVM1189]
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Pearls [MVM1187]
Jujube Dark Wood Rosary Bracelet - 12mm [RB3934]
5.00 (3)
Wood Rosary Bracelet - 8mm [RB3538]
4.81 (37)
St. Benedict Sterling Silver Rosary Bracelet [RB8677]
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Tin Cut Crystal Beads [MVM1194]
5.00 (3)
Sterling Silver Rosary Bracelet Tin Cut Crystal Beads [MVM1175]
4.00 (2)
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Tin Cut Rose Crystal Beads [MVM1193]
5.00 (1)
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Pearls [MVM1188]
5.00 (4)
Women's Miraculous Medal Crucifix Pendant Rosary Bracelet [BC0214]
4.90 (20)
Swarovski Rosary Bracelet with Gold Plated Charms [HRB1000]
5.00 (1)
Baby Rosary Bracelet with Multi Color Tin Cut Crystal Beads [MVM1195]
Jujube Wood Rose Bead Rosary Bracelet - 10mm [RB9016]
4.14 (7)
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