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Angel Jewelry is a great way to keep the protection of our angels near. The most common angel jewelry is a pendant. But you don't have to limit yourself to a necklace because angels are designed on earrings, bracelets, rings lapel pins and more!

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Guardian Angel Pendant [BC0096]
4.91 (23)
Guardian Angel Pendant [BC0077]
4.33 (3)
Guardian Angel Medal [BM0340]
Angel Wing Birthstone Necklace [SN0014]
4.67 (3)
Guardian Angel Medal [BM0332]
Petite Guardian Angel Medal [BM0335]
Guardian Angel Medal [BM0338]
Guardian Angel and Heart Medal [BM0341]
Angel Medal [BM0052]
Angel Medal [BM0052]
5.00 (1)
Guardian Angel Medal in Pewter with Prayer Card [BLPCP052]
Guardian Angel Medal in Pewter with Bi-Fold Prayer Card [HPM008]
5.00 (1)
Petite Guardian Angel Pendant [CM2226]
5.00 (2)
Guardian Angel Medal [BM0333]
5.00 (1)
Angel Pendant with Birthstone Options [BLST4260]
Round Guardian Angel Be My Guide Medal [CM2186]
4.33 (3)

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