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Heart Shaped Footprints Pendant with Birthstone Options [BLST3207]
5.00 (1)
Medium Heart Shaped Pendant with Birthstone Options [BLST3200]
Guardian Angel Pendant [BC0077]
4.33 (3)
Heart and Cross Pendant Two-Tone [BM0355]
Baby Heart and Cross Pendant [BM0356]
Baby Heart Pendant with Birthstone Options [BLST4158H]
Silver Heart and Miraculous First Communion Necklace [MVC0024]
4.78 (9)
Heart Shaped Pendant with Chalice Centerpiece [REC0002]
5.00 (1)
Silver Heart and Crucifix First Communion Necklace [MVC0027]
5.00 (1)
Small Heart Shaped Pendant with Birthstone Options [BLST3400]
Larger Double Hearts Key Pendant with Birthstone [BLST6212]
Cross in a Heart Pendant [BC0061]
Silver Heart and Cross First Communion Necklace  [MVC0023]
4.00 (2)
First Communion Heart Shaped Necklace [SNC0025]
Small Key with Double Heart Pendant and Birthstone [BLST6213]
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