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At the Catholic Faith Store we take pride in carrying high-quality jewelry. Please view our selection of fine; 

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Solid Dove Earrings [EA0004]
4.40 (5)
Confirmation Dove Earrings with Red Crystal Beads [MVEAR14]
5.00 (1)
Sterling Silver Claddagh 'Crystal Bead' Earrings [BC0143]
Sterling Silver Claddagh Post Earrings [BC0146]
Sterling Silver Claddagh Dangle Earrings [BC0144]
Sterling Silver Praying Hands Post Earrings [BC0110]
3.00 (1)
Sterling Silver Praying Hands 'Crystal Bead' Earrings [BC0107]
Sterling Silver Praying Hands French Wire Earrings [BC0109]
5.00 (1)
Sterling Silver Claddagh French Wire Earrings [BC0145]
5.00 (1)

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