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Elegant Tip Crucifix Pendants

If you prefer your crucifix necklace to have a beautiful design on the tips then this is your section to browse. You'll find budded tips, floral tips, diamond tip shapes and so much more.

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Men's Large Fancy Regal Crucifix Pendant [HM0816]
5.00 (1)
Men's Flared Tip Cut Out Crucifix Medal [BM0262]
4.00 (1)
Women's Contemporary Crucifix Pendant [RECRX1028]
Men's Scroll Tip Crucifix Pendant [HM0850]
4.89 (9)
Women's Blossom Bud Crucifix Medal Sterling Silver [RECRX1037]
Large Men's Rosebud Tip Crucifix Pendant [BM0270]
Women's Fancy Tip Flat Crucifix Medal [RECRX1051]
5.00 (1)
High Polished Point Tip Crucifix Necklace [BM0278]
4.00 (2)
Laurel Leaf Crucifix Medal Sterling Silver [RECRX1055]
5.00 (1)
Women's Small Budded Crucifix Necklace [BM0282]
Women's Triquetra Crucifix Necklace Sterling Silver [RECRX1061]
Hammer & Wrench Crucifix Pendant [BM0292]
Sacred Heart and Miraculous Crucifix Pendant - Sterling Silver [REM3001]
4.00 (1)
Women's Leaf Etched Crucifix Medal Two-Tone [BM0301]
4.00 (1)
14kt Gold Heart Tip Crucifix Pendant [BM0929]
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