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Simple Edge Crucifix Pendants

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Order of St. Bruno Cross [HM0848]
5.00 (2)
Slimline Crucifix Pendant, Three Sizes Available [BC0039]
4.60 (5)
Men's Cross Tip Crucifix Pendant [BM0274]
5.00 (10)
Women's Risen Christ Cross Pendant Two-Tone [BM0204]
4.77 (13)
Men's Large Sunburst Crucifix Pendant [HM0765]
Men's Art Deco Crucifix Pendant [HM0748]
Masculine Contemporary Crucifix Pendant [HM0819]
4.67 (3)
Women's Raised Crucifix Medal Two Tone [CM2011]
4.00 (1)
Risen Sun Crucifix [CM2016]
4.88 (8)
Women's Crucifix Pendant Two-Tone [BM0293]
4.25 (4)
Men's Matte Finish Flat Cross Point Edge Crucifix [HM0752]
3.00 (1)
Maltese Crucifix Pendant [BC0046]
4.00 (1)
Traditional Crucifix Pendant Sterling Silver [RECRX1027]
4.40 (5)
Men's Crown of Thorns Crucifix Pendant [HM0749]
Women's Flared Tip Crucifix Necklace Two Tone [CM2017]
5.00 (1)
Women's Two-Tone Maltese Crucifix Pendant [BC0050]
5.00 (3)
Men's Slim Two-Tone Raised Crucifix 1.5 [CM2014]
5.00 (2)
Women's Petite Contemporary Crucifix [RECRX1064]
4.90 (10)
Women's Gold Filled and Sterling Crucifix Pendant [BC0059]
4.83 (6)
Women's Swirl Textured Crucifix Pendant Two-Tone [BM0299]
Petite Classic Crucifix Pendant [BM0930]
Scroll Textured Crucifix Necklace Sterling Silver [RECRX1006]
Women's Decorative Tip Gold Crucifix Pendant  [RECRX1040]
Men's Celtic Style Crucifix Pendant [HM0750]
Women's Scroll Design Crucifix Necklace [BM0269]
5.00 (1)
Tear Drop Accents Crucifix Pendant [HM0754]
Small Shadowed Corpus Crucifix Pendant [BM0305]
Classic Crucifix Pendant Gold Plated Sterling Silver [RECRX1004]
4.50 (2)
High Polish Traditional Crucifix Medal Two-Tone [BM0295]
5.00 (2)
Celtic Crucifix Medal High Polish [BM0259]
Unisex Classic Gold Crucifix Medal [RECRX1008]
4.67 (3)
Slim Abstract Crucifix Necklace [CM2065]
5.00 (1)
Linear Outlined Classic Crucifix Medal Sterling Silver [RECRX1041]
Shiny Classic Modern Crucifix Necklace [RECRX1054]
5.00 (1)
Men's Crucifix Pendant Shadowed Corpus [BM0263]
5.00 (4)
Men's Square Edge Crucifix with Hand Etching [HM0815]
5.00 (1)
Men's Thick High Polish Crucifix Pendant [BM0289]
Contemporary Celtic Crucifix Pendant [BM0092]
Unisex High Polished Classic Crucifix Medal [RECRX1007]
5.00 (1)
Women's Dainty Crucifix Pendant Etched Accents [CM2063]
5.00 (1)
Modern Block Crucifix Medal [BM0495]
4.00 (1)
Unisex Linear Etched Gold Crucifix Necklace [RECRX1042]
5.00 (1)
Women's Shiny Classic Crucifix Necklace Two-Tone [BM0294]
5.00 (1)
Crucifix Medal in Pewter with Bi-Fold Prayer Card [HPM064]
5.00 (2)
Women's Etched Border Crucifix Medal [BM0253]
Women's Small Traditional Crucifix Necklace [BM0286]
Men's Textured Crucifix with Crown Top [HM0818]
Women's High Polish Block Style Crucifix Necklace [BM0290]
5.00 (1)
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