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Four-Way | Five-Way Medals

Mother Mary said;

“I feel so happy to be able to help the children who beg me for protection. But so many do not ever come to me.”


Four Way and Five Way Medals for Men, Women, and Children

Whether you call it Four-Way or Five-Way depends on how you look at it! Both are composed of four medals: the Scapular medal (The Sacred Heart with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the back); St. Christopher; the Miraculous medal (with the cross, the M, the hearts, and the 12 stars on the back); and St. Joseph. To get a count of five, look for a dove or a sacred heart in the center. The back often bears the inscription: I am a Catholic, please call a priest.

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Youth 4-Way Pendant [BM0004]
5.00 (1)
Child's Petite 5-Way Pendant [BM0020]
4.50 (2)
Women's 4-Way Pendant [BM0011]
7 Way Pendant, Sterling Silver with Chain [HM0707]
5.00 (3)
Men's Large Classic Five-Way Medal with Dove Center [CM2087]
4.92 (36)
Women's Four-Way Medal [CM2098]
Women's Five Way Cross Pendant [CM2088]
4.86 (7)
Four Way Medal for Infant [CM2147]
5.00 (1)
Franciscan 4-Way Medal [BM0920]
5-Way Pendant with Thick Edges and Descending Dove [BM0024]
4.86 (7)
Sacred Heart 4-Way Pendant [BM0008]
Unisex Classic Four-Way Pendant [HM0801]
5.00 (11)
Motherhood Pendant 5-Way [BM0031]
4.67 (3)
Men's Round Four-Way Cross Medal [CM2090]
4.94 (17)
Men's Wide Tip Four-Way Medal Goldtone [MV2008]
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