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Church Service Lapel Pins

Where would the Church be without all the dedicated parishioners that contribute their time to create a better, more unified congregation? Let them know how important they are to the mission of the Church and to their local community with a pin of appreciation.  

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Lay Reader Lapel Pin [TCG0173]
Catechist Lapel Pin [TCG0118]
Lector Lapel Pin [TCG0158]
5.00 (2)
Eucharistic Minister Lapel Pin [TCG0175]
4.83 (6)
Catechist Pin [TCG0179]
Altar Server Lapel Pin [TCG0133]
Service Award Lapel Pin [TCG0109]
Educator in Christ Lapel Pin [TCG0119]
5.00 (1)
Usher Lapel Pin [TCG0121]
Service of the Altar Lapel Pin [TCG0126]
4.50 (2)
Peer Minister Pin [TCG0167]
5.00 (1)
Catechumen Pin [TCG0182]
Service in Christ Lapel Pin [TCG0122]
Visitor Badge [TCG0191]
Minister of Care Pin [TCG0148]
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